My friend, Katie by Erin Childs

So I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young woman in December of 2016.  (Yes, it has taken me THAT long to get this blog post finished)  It has truly been a privilege to not only hear her story, but to get to know her a little bit; the Katie I got to know is a woman of strength, grace, kindness, and beauty.   You will notice as you scroll through her images that her and her husband are expecting a baby in the next few months!!  Katie's mom also happened to be visiting while we shot, so I was able to capture them together.  Her stunning look was created by Justina Crawford.  Thank you, Justina!  It is always a blast to have you there while I shoot!!  

Please take the time to listen to Katie's story and look through her beautiful images.  I hope her story is one of encouragement to whoever may need it <3

How to coordinate outfits to get the best look in your photos by Erin Childs

How to Coordinate Outfits for Your Engagement Session

I have been so lucky to speak with several engaged women over the past few weeks, and one thing that always comes up in our conversations is clothing.  "What do we wear to our engagement session?"  Not sure what to wear to your engagement session? I'm here to help! You should bring two to three outfits ideas to your session consultation so that I can get a variety of different looks for you. I suggest the following:

  • Bring a ‘Dressy’ Outfit

It’s not every day you get to get all dressed up with your sweetheart and take photos together. Use this session as an excuse to really go all out and get fancied up! I’m not saying you have to wear a gown and tux (unless you want to), but maybe a flowy dress or skirt for you, and a suit or nice slacks and a button up shirt for your fiancé. This outfit will be great for save the date cards, or the announcement in your local newspaper.  Statement jewelry and accessories always work well in photos (hats, scarves, suspenders, etc.).

  • Go Casual

I also suggest you bring a more casual outfit. This outfit is ideal for your more fun, relaxed photos. Tailored jeans and a nice shirt are always a great choice, especially if we are going to be walking around in nature a lot. Make sure to bring shoes specifically for this outfit, too.


  • Coordination is Key

The most important thing to remember is to coordinate. You don’t want to match 100% (white t-shirts and jeans), but you want to coordinate. Choose similar colors and styles that photograph well together. For example, you don’t want to wear jeans if your fiancé is wearing a suit and tie in the same photo. Also remember to dress for the location. For example, if you are doing a natural, rustic or vintage session, you’ll want to stay away from bright colors and opt for neutrals instead. 


  • Things to Avoid

- Logos, unless we’re doing a sports session and you’re wearing jerseys, etc.

- Patterns – Try to stick with solid colors or minimal patterns. Plaid shirts are fine as long as your fiancé isn’t wearing stripes or polka dots. It’s a good rule of thumb to only have one partner wearing a pattern at a time. 

- Fluorescent colors – These don’t photograph well and also can cast bright color tones on your skin.


If you have any further questions or want to discuss your outfits, you can contact me at

Want to increase your business? Check out Passion 4 Success by Erin Childs


Several months ago, I was introduced to a business coach through a local networking group.  Because I was new to networking, I really had no idea what a business coach did.  So let's break it down.

coach: noun; a person who teaches, trains, and makes decisions about how a team plays during games

When I think of a coach, I immediately imagine a person on the sidelines of a game, yelling, pumping his or her fists, cheering the team on, telling them where to go and how to play.  Let's equate this to a small business, or even a BIG business.  My friend, Missy, helps individuals (and corporations) achieve their goals AND increase their business while cheering them on from the sidelines.  

I think I'll let Missy go ahead and explain for herself.

Like I mentioned before, Missy coaches businesses owned by one person, all the way up to huge corporations!  Listen to this huge win for Missy!

All of us have had struggles in our lives, and so has Missy, but she did not let that stop her from being successful.  Here is more of Missy's story; listen to how she did not let hardships keep her from giving up.

Here are a couple of testimonials from Missy's clients.  They have achieved BIG things and BIG results with Missy's help. 

Didn't these girls do a great job?!?  They didn't even make any mistakes!  Almost....

For more information about Missy and her business, visit !

A big thank you to Christi for your time and the use of your home.  And to Jesi, for your awesome hair and makeup styling.

Chic Critique Cover Contest by Erin Childs

We had so much fun creating this image of Abijah for this month’s Chic Critique Boho cover contest.   Abijah’s mom happens to own MODstash, an online shop with vintage clothing & furniture, and I was lucky enough to have her do all the styling for this shoot with vintage pieces of clothing.