My friend, Katie / by Erin Childs

So I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young woman in December of 2016.  (Yes, it has taken me THAT long to get this blog post finished)  It has truly been a privilege to not only hear her story, but to get to know her a little bit; the Katie I got to know is a woman of strength, grace, kindness, and beauty.   You will notice as you scroll through her images that her and her husband are expecting a baby in the next few months!!  Katie's mom also happened to be visiting while we shot, so I was able to capture them together.  Her stunning look was created by Justina Crawford.  Thank you, Justina!  It is always a blast to have you there while I shoot!!  

Please take the time to listen to Katie's story and look through her beautiful images.  I hope her story is one of encouragement to whoever may need it <3